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Hair loss can create a deafening realization as you appear to age overnight. Insecurities can become more pronounced as people start to notice your hairline, or crown receding due to male or female pattern baldness. Your youthful qualities seem to lessen with time and the only option you’re aware of is costly hair transplant surgery with severe down time. Fortunately, advancement in hair loss solutions have evolved and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), is now the only non-invasive treatment with zero down time and immediate results. A soft gradient can be created from layered pointillism which mimics native hair follicles. In four treatments your hair loss worries are over, and you can resume your life without fear of rejection, ridicule, or eroding self confidence. When you are ready you can schedule an appointment at one of our flagship storefront locations in Las Vegas, Los Gatos, or Silver Spring by clicking the “Book Las Vegas”, “Book San Jose”, OR “Book Silver Spring” button above. Please click the chat widget if you have any immediate questions you need answered. We are honored by your patronage and look forward to helping you reclaim your confidence.

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Sanitation protocols have always been meticulous for Scalp Prodigy patrons, but we are even more committed to sanitation than ever before due to COVID-19. The facility protocols concerning the health of our patrons and technicians will always be our number one priority. Our facilities are professionally cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants once a week, and our Molekule PECO technology captures and destroys airborne viruses including novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) and influenza. Each Molekule machine currently meets the FDA guidelines for reducing exposure to SARS- CoV- 2 in healthcare settings. We are committed to a clean and healthy experience each time you come in to be serviced. 

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Scalp Prodigy was founded by artists for artists, therefore when you enter into our facilities you will be surrounded by elegance and soothing aromas. We understand how much COVID-19 has increased the fears of contagion, therefore all of our facilities are non-cluttered, impeccably clean, and we offer the highest standard of care. Our rates are competitive with industry standards and our financing options are available for same day approvals. We set the golden standard for customer service, and we educate you on the entire process in order to achieve the most natural results. A minimum of one year experience is required before working unattended in one of our facilities to ensure the workmanship will be consistent and precise. We work tirelessly in order to ensure each client is treated with respect, courtesy, and positive energy. You will always feel better leaving our locations than when you first arrived.


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Scalp Prodigy and Vanguard Academy SMP offers a full suite of services available to help new technicians enter the market, and current technicians expand their business with lightening speed by reinforcing strict business pillars. We don’t solely teach techniques and wish you good luck. We offer turnkey business models for explosive growth and content creation. Learn the art of soft impressions, blending, fades, marketing, social media, photos and avoidance of common mistakes. We have upgraded our training options to offer lead generation, pre-closed appointments, and future passive income ideas for those who want done for you, business acceleration for the first 3 months after class for an additional rate. Apprenticeships are six months in Nevada, and we go over the entire business model from start to finish so you are self-sufficient when your time with us is completed.

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