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January 20 -January 23

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

All inclusive Business Retreat

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What You’ll Learn

Does this sound like you?

You work long hours with no end in sight because you can’t afford to delegate a team to outsource projects? Your debt is rapidly increasing which hurts your personal credit score?You break promises to yourself claiming you’ll fix the problem, and every year it seemingly gets worse than it was the year before?You can’t gain control of your spending habits?Your business has hit a plateau? 

We Get It. We Hear You.

Letting go of your old way of life can feel foreign to your daily routine because it means saying goodbye to whom you once were. It means being ok with unlearning a lot of your old ways and establishing a brand new you. Record-breaking months don’t occur simply with willpower alone. It requires tedious planning, clear vision, and execution backed by data. It is difficult to grow your business if you are spending your income as fast as you make it. 

Regardless of your monthly income, debt or lack of financial liquidity can destroy your earnings if they are not handled with care. Inflation is slowly eating away at your savings, so letting it sit in a bank is not going to accumulate wealth. Working long hours with no end in sight is draining your health and destroying the precious time you can never get back with your family.

Your debt load is rapidly increasing monthly with no end in sight, which in turn wreaks havoc on your personal credit. It can feel so overwhelming because you told yourself “let’s just get pass this month,” and every year it seemingly gets worse than it was the year before. Owning a business is not an easy task, but you were called upon to share your gifts with the world. Every decision you make affects the way your business grows, therefore you must invest in your mind, your actions, and commitment to changing the way you view money.

Get Our Cash Flow Secrets & Reduce Your Debt, So You Can Run Your Business Like an Elite Boss

Debt Reducing Plan

Eradicate your debt in 12 months by following a structured breakdown of velocity banking and leveraged accounting.

700+ Credit BluePrint

Boost your score to Tier 1 credit within 6 months by paying down debts to stabilize your debt to income ratio.

Mindset Shift Secrets

Learn how to implement boundaries and shift your mindset for the life, business,  and income of your dreams.

Passive Income Manual

Turn your passion for service into multiple revenue streams by increasing your profit 10 fold. 

Automation Strategies

Implement the power of automations to sell with ease and double your profits with simple systems.

Business Growth Hacks

Learn the best type of marketing for your business type, demographic, & budget for explosive growth.

Plan Implement & Execute with Precision

The first quarter sets the tone for the remainder of the year and without a detailed plan to implement and execute your strategy, life can become unbearable as a business owner. Over time, it may feel as if you are digging yourself into a deeper hole each month, but there is always a silver lining when your life can be peer reviewed through watchful eyes. In order for your business to thrive it is based on several variables such as debt, income, underwriting qualifications, credit, and marketing.

Balance must exist between your personal and business debt in order to breathe properly over the next twelve months. If you are focused and determined to get out of debt, increase your net worth, and improve your credit, the likelihood of success increases dramatically.

The purpose of this retreat is to prepare you for the reconstruction of your mindset, the inevitable shift in your way of life, and a massive overhaul focused on the way you see and acquire wealth. Growth can be quantified and replicated as long as you follow the strategies that have worked for countless others in your exact position.

There is a reason corporations follow a specific structure to grow their bottom line. You will mimic their business model and run it like a well oiled machine. In order to see stabilization in your business, you must look at all the ways it can be affected by external sources and limit your risks.

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Meet Our Event Organizer

Benaiah Poindexter

Debt De-escalation and Leverage Options

Benaiah Poindexter is the founder of Scalp Prodigy, a permanent makeup powerhouse located in Nevada, California, and Maryland. After completing her Masters degree in Business Administration she completed another year of school to graduate with her esthetics and body art license. She was chosen as 1 of 20 from 200 participants to graduate as a 2021 Emerging Leader of Nevada from the Small Business Administration, a 2021 Goldman & Sachs 10,000 Small Business nominee, and a 2019 Rising Star. Benaiah has created a business model which focuses solely on a low debt load and high profits over the past six years. She currently ranks in the A+ category for the BBB, and creates elusive opportunities for other businesses to expand by eradicating personal debt. Benaiah believes passive and active income can work in harmony to establish equilibrium for your bottom line. Benaiah has assisted general contracting companies, permanent makeup companies, and personal service companies in the past year to increase their revenue through velocity banking, finance options, and automations for their services.