Why Should You Be Here?

Our third bi-annual retreat will begin in November 2023. The purpose of our retreats are to encourage a strong financial position as we enter into 2023. We will break down the inconsistency of your reserves, establish a baseline to create a minimum savings fund, reduce your debt below 50%, and give you the blueprint to transform your first passive income stream by reinvesting into your marketing budget. After class we will have a discounted option to continue mentorship for an additional six months to ensure your business is recession proof by eliminating all debt, pairing your small businesses with lenders in order to give you a buffer to consolidate your bills, and get focused on explosive growth for the remainder of 2023 headed into 2024. We will increase your current income by instigating a back end strategy that compliments your content, ads, copy, and lack of sales process. We will revamp your entire business model and make your business run like a well oiled machine. We will not discuss any gimmicks, unjust promises, or give you unsold dreams. We will only focus on the metrics and replicate only what has worked over the past six years to streamline all business functions with minimal debt, overhead, and leveraged working capital within a two-day process.

What You’ll Learn

Day One will consist of the following;

  • Risk Aversion
  • Purposeful Intentions
  • Debt De-escalation
  • 12 Month Plan
  • Revenue Sources
  • Introduction to Automations
  • Website Audits
  • Content Audits
  • High performing TikTok Ads
  • Income Producing Options

Day Two will consist of the following;

  • Vision & Planning
  • Strategies
  • Reverse Engineering Process
  • Allocate A Budget
  • Mindset About Money
  • Work Harder or Smarter?
  • Debt De-Escalation
  • 12-Month Milestones
  • Revenue Sources
  • High Ticket vs Low Ticket
  • Cashflow Objectives & Goals
  • Lender Breakdowns
  • Residual Income vs High Ticket
  • Execution of Passive Income

Risk aversion is the first step to determining where you are bleeding working capital. The moment you truly sit down and devise a thorough strategy for the next 12 months, is the exact moment that you will see true change within your business. The likelihood of success increases the moment you are given clear instructions on what you are doing wrong, the cost of your mistake, and the retroactive ways you can recoup lost funds with immediate clarity. Working backwards from the red we will deep dive into what got you to this point of redundancy to avoid repeated violations, and then we will reconstruct your current business plan to get you out of the hole you’re in. There are so many ways to avoid risk such as a reduction in services, only offering high ticket option, employing passive income strategies, and estimating the break-even number prior to investing into any new classes and services. As a business owner you must think on the macro level in order to plan your next steps. You do not have the luxury of making repeated mistakes under the guise of infancy stages, lackluster financial responsibilities, or unstable business principles. Let us discover some ways to streamline immediate cashflow into your business, while at the same time releasing the fear of change. You are right on the brink of a beautiful exit strategy, but you have to implement the changes now to bear fruit down the road. The first step is to know your risks, stay in the black, and only operate from a sense of growth. Some risk is acceptable if the ROI is worth the new debt, but wildly accepting debt without a plan is reckless and will lead you down a dark hole that is truly hard to get out of. Our retreat for the third quarter of 2022 will focus on how to see what is sinking your ship, and how to correct its course with repair and strict guidance. 

Letting go of your old way of life can feel foreign to your daily routine because it means saying goodbye to whom you once were. It means being ok with unlearning a lot of your old ways and establishing a brand new you. Record-breaking months don’t occur simply with willpower alone. It requires tedious planning, a clear vision, and execution backed by data. It is difficult to grow your business if you are spending your income as fast as you make it. Regardless of your monthly income, debt, or lack of financial literacy, loss of liquidity can destroy your earnings if they are not handled with care. Inflation is slowly eating away at your savings at 30% a year, so letting it sit in a bank is not going to accumulate wealth. Working long hours with no end in sight is draining your health and destroying the precious time you can never get back with your family. Your debt load is rapidly increasing monthly with no end in sight, which in turn wreaks havoc on your personal credit. It can feel so overwhelming because you told yourself “let’s just get past this month,” and then next month something else happens which prevents you from reaching your goal. Owning a business is not an easy task, but you were called upon to share your gifts with the world. Every decision you make affects the way your business grows, therefore you must invest in your mind, your actions, and commitment to changing the way you view money. Our retreat will for the fourth quarter of 2023 will focus on the benefit of understanding your numbers, memorizing all business and personal debt, and then finding ways to eliminate them, so you can retrieve all of your net income. It will take six months minimum to hit break even based on the value of your debt, but debt free in a year if you leverage the options we will give you during the retreat.

Cash flow is quite literally the lifeblood of your organization and without it your business will not be able to scale. New classes, techniques, and seminars help, but without an actual plan to cement growth it is very difficult to create traction. Often the first issue most businesses face is cashflow problems due to a poorly constructed business plan, marketing budget, or lack of automations. At some point in time if any of those three subjects are not in unison you will lose consistent net income and your business will begin to falter. A business plan is massively helpful because it allows you to see the overreaching picture of how your business plans to grow and how you plan to remove yourself over a certain period of time to pursue other interests. A marketing budget should be increasing every year to entertain other forms of marketing such as paid advertising, awareness marketing, geofencing, organic reach, and omnipresence. Your brand cannot grow if no one knows who you are, or why they should buy from you. Nowadays, our client base is overloaded with content all day long. Your message should be clear, consistent, and authentically you! Lack of automations will kill your business. It is simply not plausible to have a business without your lead magnet tied to customer rapport. Automations give you the clarity to truly take your customer service skills up a notch. When you are ready to take your business seriously there is nothing you would not pay, no risk you won’t take, and no service you won’t add that increases your bottom line. Our retreat will focus on how cash flow can directly help or hurt your future growth as a company. We will be introducing our new marketing options for those of you who want to level up.

This retreat presents a unique opportunity because it sets the tone for the remainder of the year. In order to execute a new strategy, life must no longer be bearable at the standstill you are now. You really have to be tired of being sick and tired. We will peer-review passive income streams which can stem from multiple revenue streams income from the same revenue source. Streamlining these revenue streams is the fastest way to build passive income, or invest the surplus into a passive income producing asset. However, balance must exist between your personal and business debt in order to have a surplus to create new streams. The purpose of this retreat is to prepare you for the reconstruction of your mindset, the inevitable shift in your way of life, and a massive overhaul focused on the way you see and acquire wealth. Growth can be quantified and replicated as long as you follow the strategies that have worked for countless others in your exact position. There is a reason corporations follow a specific structure to grow their bottom line. You will mimic their business model and run it like a well oiled machine. In order to see stabilization in your business, you must look at all the ways it can be affected by external sources and limit your risks.

The airport code to Vegas to LAS and the name of the airport is called Harry Reid International Airport. You can rent a car and take a bus to the rental station from the airport, or uber to our location. The location of training will be at our new facility 15 minutes away located at 7965 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89117. The lodging for this year’s retreat will be at Resorts World Las Vegas. You can book your room by clicking on the link below. Breakfast, lunch, and water will be provided so all you need to bring is yourself. Feel free to explore Vegas and enjoy all it has to offer on the strip.

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Meet Our Event Organizer & mentor

Benaiah Poindexter, Scalp Prodigy LLC.

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Meet Our Event Organizer & mentor

Candice Cohen, Candice Cohen Coaching LLC.

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Benaiah Poindexter is the founder of Scalp Prodigy, a permanent makeup powerhouse located in Nevada, California, and Maryland. After completing her Masters degree in Business Administration, she completed another year of school to graduate with her esthetics and body art license. She was chosen as 1 of 20 from 200 participants to graduate as a 2021 Emerging Leader of Nevada from the Small Business Administration, and a 2019 Team Micro Rising Star. Benaiah has created a business model which focuses solely on a low debt load and high profits over the past six years. She currently ranks in the A+ category for the BBB, and creates elusive opportunities for other businesses to expand by eradicating personal debt. Benaiah believes passive and active income can work in harmony to establish equilibrium for your bottom line. She has created a company that amassed $200,000 in passive income each year separate from her active services and is forecasted to hit seven figures by mid 2023. Her seven-figure business model can be replicated with a bit of gumption, strict guidance, and equilibrium between finances and sheer determination. Benaiah has assisted general contracting companies, permanent makeup companies, and personal service companies in the past year to increase their revenue through velocity banking, finance options, and automations for their services.

Candice Cohen is the founder of Cohen Brand Management, a Digital Marketing firm in Charleston, South Carolina. She is a recent recipient of The Torch Award through the Better Business Bureau Business of the Year and continues to create innovative opportunities for her clients. She has become unprecedented in a milieu of sectors, propelling her blossoming business into a digital marketing power firm, and is known for illuminating paths by positioning her clients light years ahead of their competitors. As a graduate of Claflin University, (one of the top 10 HBCUs in the country), she performed as a former Digital Marketing Account Executive who brought in over 7-figures for various marketing and advertising firms before starting her own company. She wields a powerful roster that includes Fortune 500 companies, general contractors, doctors, professional service providers, entertainers, med-spa, and aesthetics pros. Candice has proven without question that she is a big fish that does not play in small ponds. As a recent cancer survivor, mentor, and leader in the digital marketing space she continues to lead the way with her mentoring community Girl, Go Hustle. In this platform she inspires, empowers, and equips aspiring entrepreneurs, and start up company owners with the tools and information needed to be successful with a powerful brand presence.


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