The first step in the Scalp Micropigmentation process is determining your hairline. It’s a step we spend a lot of time on at Scalp Prodigy because getting it right is important. Some of our clients walk into our treatment center knowing precisely what they want; others have no idea what the difference is between a soft hairline and a hard hairline. In both situations, we take the time to explain every option before getting started. Determining your hairline for SMP is a collaborative effort between client and technician, but if you’re interested in learning more before your first appointment, here’s what you need to know.

Hairline Options for Scalp Micropigmentation

During your consultation, we’ll look at your natural bone structure and features and then discuss your expectations for treatment. Our skilled artists understand how to create a hairline that harmonizes with your facial anatomy which balances symmetry and realism for exceptional results.

Hairline types for SMP include:

Soft Hairline
Scalp Prodigy is known for its hyper realistic results, and we go beyond the norm to educate our clients on post care. The reconstruction of a natural hairline and crown is our most requested service. Many clients simply want to recreate the hairline they had prior to hair loss, but achieving this type of realism takes a high degree of skill.

The process of creating a soft hairline for SMP begins by establishing a staggered hairline, which creates an implied line across the forehead. Its precise location is determined by your bone structure, facial symmetry, and your resting or smiling appearance. With the hairline established, the crown is filled in a way that mimics your natural hair follicles.

Hard Hairline
A hard hairline is popular with clients who are used to frequenting their local barbershop. This look features a sharp barbered edge up with pointed edges at the temples. Hard hairlines can look unnatural by design—no one is born with a razor-straight hairline—but our approach is different because our skilled technicians can replicate this look with SMP and make it look realistic.

Our secret at Scalp Prodigy is to add a degree of softening by placing a few staggered impressions outside of the hairline. You’ll still have the crisp hairline you desire, but enough softness to add just the right amount of naturalism.

Hybrid Hairline
Hybrid hairlines create a slightly receded hairline. The temple area is typically left unchanged or only rounded with a small number of impressions, while the hairline is brought down an inch or two. This results in a natural look, with SMP blending in effortlessly with native follicles.

Getting the SMP Hairline You Want

While our experts at Scalp Prodigy will offer you advice and guidance, our ultimate goal is to deliver the results you want and help you feel confident and self-assured. If you’re after a natural look that replicates your hairline prior to hair loss, bring in old photographs; and if you’re not sure what you want, browse through our scalp case studies or our client photos on Instagram and see what speaks to you.

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