Hairline  Types

Reconstruction of a natural hairline and crown is the most requested service from patrons seeking relief from hair loss. Four sessions are normally completed to ensure the scalp has a healthy gradient, and a textured look that rivals the best artisans. A natural hairline is achieved by establishing a staggered hairline, which creates an implied line across the forehead. Once the perfect hair line is achieved based on symmetry, facial anatomy, and texture the crown of the scalp can be filled in to match native follicles. Natural hairlines are popular because the average person cannot tell you had anything done, and it is the closest match to your old hairline be constructed to mirror the type of hairline you used to have prior to your hairloss journey.

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Soft Hairline

Soft hairlines are for men and women who request a natural blending effect which is staggered with an implied line and no impressions at the temple areas. Natural hairlines are often done in very light passes to ensure the skin maintains a soft look by the end of the fourth session. Peppering is done at the fourth session to bring some pops of naturalism to the scalp, but the overall purpose of this look is to recreate the shaved follicle look to the front of the scalp. Soft hairlines are a client preference, and the outline placement will be determined based on facial symmetry, bone structure, and a rested or smiling state.

Hard Hairline

Hard hairlines are for men and women who want a sharp barbered edge up with pointed edges at the temple areas. Normally hard hairlines can still be softened by staggering a few impressions outside of the hairline, yet still maintain a true line. Hard lines are requested by people who are used to going to the barber on the regular and wish to maintain a crisp outline at the front of the scalp. Hard lines can also be altered into soft lines in the future if there is room left at the temple to bring the hairline down. Hard lines are a client preference, and the outline placement will be determined based on facial symmetry, bone structure, and a rested and smiling state.

Hybrid Hairline

Hybrid hairlines are for men and women who want a slightly receded hairline which is very close to their natural hairline. Often the temple areas are rounded with minimal impressions. Hybrid hairlines are often requested when the client does not want to change their temple area but does want to bring their hairline down one to two inches. These kinds of hairlines are the most natural as they blend in effortlessly with the native follicles, but the temple area remains consistently with the current state of their hairloss. Normally this is reserved for those who want to do minimal work and wish to create a soft polished hairline.placement will be determined based on facial symmetry, bone structure, and a rested or smiling state

Long Hair

Density treatments are often used to rectify thinning for patrons with long hair. Normally technicians will implement three to five passes per session to stain the skin. The purpose of density for long hair treatments is normally to fill in the hairline, and temple areas. Long hair is heavy and often puts strain on the hairline which eventually breaks or becomes very weak and thin. On average density treatments are done along the hair line, or part line to bring color and thickness back to the area. Each session will reveal a darker hue to the scalp and ensure the hairline is properly placed back in its rightful position.

Curly Hair

Density treatments can be used for curly hair patterns. Often curls can leave bald spots that are very noticeable based on the direction of hair growth. The curl type can determine the density amount used based on the color, thickness, and wave pattern. Often a clean fade is used on the sides to establish a barber line up, and blended temple points

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