Is Mentorship Necessary?

As you begin a new career path it is important to gauge where you are in relation to where you’d like to be in one year. The truth is 20% of business fail within their first year of operation, and this number increases to 48% after five years. The number one reason for closure is financial literacy, and the ability to scale with intention. Hiring a mentor will drastically improve your chances of success, because you are stabilizing your revenue by following the strict process of businesses in your field that are thriving. Scalp Prodigy and Vanguard SMP have created a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow your business by installing corporate practices into your small business. Your business will flow as intended by focusing on your sales process.  Your leads will be vetted and pre-closed when able, and we will critique calls, as well as results, to ensure your work is done properly. A mind backed your peers who have already been where you are, will help you yield more revenue over time than a mind which is fractured by stress coupled without help, business processes, and lack of boundaries between you and your clientele. We cut the learning curve by making you mimic our business model down to the most finite detail, which helps propel your business through the ebb and flow of high ticket sales.

What You’ll Learn

Month one through three will consist of your current risk aversion, purposeful intentions, debt de-escalation, revenue sources, introduction to automations, website audits or generation, content audits and income producing options. The vision & planning process will include strategies to reduce liabilities and reverse engineer the close rate. You will allocate a budget to stand by for the next quarter in order to establish a baseline to work from. As we work toward eliminating low ticket offers, we will focus on cashflow objectives to ensure the execution of higher ad spend in the second quarter.

Letting go of your old way of life can feel foreign to your daily routine because it means saying goodbye to whom you once were. It means being ok with unlearning a lot of your old ways and establishing a brand new you. Record-breaking months don’t occur simply with willpower alone. It requires tedious planning, a clear vision, and execution backed by data. It is difficult to grow your business if you are spending your income as fast as you make it. Regardless of your monthly income, debt, or lack of financial literacy, loss of liquidity can destroy your earnings if they are not handled with care. Inflation is slowly eating away at your savings at 30% a year, so letting it sit in a bank is not going to accumulate wealth. Working long hours with no end in sight is draining your health and destroying the precious time you can never get back with your family. Your debt load is rapidly increasing monthly with no end in sight, which in turn wreaks havoc on your personal credit. It can feel so overwhelming because you told yourself “let’s just get past this month,” and then next month something else happens which prevents you from reaching your goal. Owning a business is not an easy task, but you were called upon to share your gifts with the world, therefore you must make marketing a priority. You cannot operate a business without marketing in this new era. Every decision you make affects the way your business grows, therefore you must invest in your mind, your actions, and commitment to changing the way you view money. We will focus on the benefit of understanding your numbers, memorizing all business and personal debt, and then finding ways to eliminate them, so you can retrieve all of your net income. On average, it will take three months minimum to hit break even based on the value of your debt, but debt free in a year if you leverage the options we will give you during your mentorship.

Cash flow is quite literally the lifeblood of your organization and without it your business will not be able to scale. New classes, techniques, and seminars help, but without an actual plan to cement growth it is very difficult to create traction. Often the first issue most businesses face is cashflow problems due to a poorly constructed business plan, marketing budget, or lack of automations. At some point in time if any of those three subjects are not in unison you will lose consistent net income and your business will begin to falter. A business plan is massively helpful because it allows you to see the big picture of how your business plans to grow, and how you plan to remove yourself over a certain period of time to pursue other interests. A marketing budget should be increasing every year to entertain other forms of marketing such as paid advertising, awareness marketing, geofencing, organic reach, and omnipresence. Your brand cannot grow if no one knows who you are, or why they should buy from you. Nowadays, our client base is overloaded with content all day long. Your message should be clear, consistent, and authentically you! Lack of automations will kill your business. It is simply not plausible to have a business without your lead magnet tied to customer rapport. Automations give you the clarity to truly take your customer service skills up a notch. When you are ready to take your business seriously there is nothing you would not pay, no risk you won’t take, and no service you won’t add that increases your bottom line. A healthy cash flow can directly help or hurt your future growth as a company. We will be introducing our new marketing options for those of you who want to level up.

This mentorship presents a unique opportunity because it sets the tone for the remainder of the year. In order to execute a new strategy, life must no longer be bearable at the standstill you are now. You really have to be tired of being sick and tired. We will peer-review passive income streams which can help you meet your goals quickly. An additional revenue streams is the fastest way to build passive income, or invest your current surplus into a passive income producing asset. However, balance must exist between your personal and business debt in order to have a surplus to create new streams. We will prepare you for the reconstruction of your mindset, the inevitable shift in your way of life, and a massive overhaul focused on the way you see and acquire wealth. Growth can be quantified and replicated as long as you follow the strategies that have worked for countless others in your exact position. There is a reason corporations follow a specific structure to grow their bottom line. You will mimic our business model and run it like a well oiled machine. In order to see stabilization in your business, you must look at all the ways it can be affected by external sources and limit your risks.

Deviation from any part of our advice regardless of your hurdles will result in less than desired results. Although we make every effort to accurately represent the services presented in our training, we make no assurance, representation, or promise regarding future earnings or income. There is no way to specify the exact amount of money you can make, nor omit the possibility of any losses because of unknown variables which can affect your performance and revenue. There is no promise or guarantee that you may experience the same level of earnings or income, nor any assurance that any prior success, or past results may be an indication of your future success or results. By entering into this Agreement, Mentee acknowledges and agrees that any information, training material, mentoring or guidance provided by Mentor (or any person acting on behalf of the Mentor is not intended to be personal or specific to the Mentee, and the Mentorship is being provided at the Mentee’s own risk). The Mentorship is not intended to constitute financial advice, or legal advice. To obtain such advice, Mentee should consult with qualified professionals. Mentee further confirms that he/she has not relied on any statement, promise or representation made or given by the Mentor other than in the context of the Mentorship being provided pursuant to this Agreement. Mentee is aware that a business can become successful, but all success is dependent on many factors, including without limitation, the Mentee’s abilities and skills, location, marketing, content, budget, and other external factors.  

Mentee agrees any right to cancel the mentorship after this Agreement is executed will be forfeit since work will begin the day payment clears. Mentee agrees that once payment is rendered any future refund is now forfeit. You agree that in the event of a dispute regarding payment you will “not” dispute the charge with your bank, or credit card company, and or allege the charge as fraudulent. If you dispute the charge with your bank or credit card company, you agree that this will constitute a material breach of this agreement, entitling us to damages and other legal remedies. You agree to reimburse us for the amount disputed, as well as any legal fees and costs incurred in connection with responding to the dispute and fraudulent allegation. We are committed to providing a positive experience, therefore at its sole discretion we can suspend, limit, or terminate your participation in our mentorship program without refund if you become disruptive or difficult to work with, if you fail to follow instructions, if you stop your ad spend, or if your ad spend is delayed, impaired, or declined. If you impair the participation of our employees, contractors, media buyers, or instructors, you will be in direct violation of this agreement, and we can terminate immediately without refund. We have worked tirelessly to build special relationships with our media buyers at a vast discount to our students, and will not risk our established relationships for students who are not patient.

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Meet YOUR mentor


Meet YOUR mentor


Benaiah Poindexter is the founder of Scalp Prodigy, a permanent makeup powerhouse located in Nevada, California, and Maryland. Benaiah has created a business model which focuses solely on a low debt load and high profits over the past eight years. As your mentor Benaiah blends passive and active income to establish equilibrium for your bottom line. Her seven-figure business model will create equilibrium between your finances and quarterly milestones.

Dennis Romero is the owner of Vanguard SMP located in Orlando, FL, and Naples, FL. He is world renowned as one of the best natural artists on the East Coast. He has amassed a cult following in Florida, and sets the bar as an SMP trainer and coach. As your mentor you will have direct access to his techniques, business savvy, and overall scalability practices.The focal point of his mentorship will be increasing your revenue model, close rate, and sustainability in our industry.

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