What  are Ombré Brows?

We’ve all heard of ombre hairstyles, right? Well, ombre brows are pretty similar. Ombre brows are a brow style where an ascending brown color gives a powdered effect from the front of the brow to the end of the brow tail. Ombre brows are created using a digital machine that deposits extremely fine dots of pigment into the skin that will essentially create a softer, more shaded brow-pencil effect. Scalp Prodigy are proud to say we are one of the most in demand clinics for this treatment in Las Vegas, Los Gatos and Maryland.  

Ombre brows are suitable to most skin types and definitely a worthwhile investment. Like any other style of permanent makeup, they are timesaving, low in cost and low maintenance. Ombre brows create definition to your brows and frame your face beautifully. Our ombre brows can also be paired with hair strokes at the front for an additional fee.

Located in three different areas, Las Vegas, Los Gatos and Washington DC, we are confident you will find a location closest to you.

We do offer a 10% discount on our ombre brow treatments for Veterans with proof of service and first emergency responders. We are also pleased to say that Cancer survivors only pay with a smile if they have a letter from their doctor clearing them for treatment.

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