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Scalp Case studies are presented below to give an accurate depiction of the common issues seen at our locations. The most requested service is the natural hairline which our technicians have mastered with immaculate precision. The second most requested service is scar camouflage due to surgical scars. Scalp Micropigmentation reconstruction can be performed as long as the ink has faded to a soft hue. In the event that the ink must be removed clients will be referred to a laser specialist for several sessions. Each case presents different requests, but they are all corrected with hyper realistic results.

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Natural Hairline

Reconstruction of a natural hairline and crown is the most requested service from patrons seeking relief from hair loss. Four sessions are normally completed to ensure the scalp has a healthy gradient, and a textured look that rivals the best artisans. A natural hairline is achieved by establishing a staggered hairline, which creates an implied line across the forehead. Once the perfect hair line is achieved based on symmetry, facial anatomy, and texture the crown of the scalp can be filled in to match native follicles. Natural hairlines are popular because the average person cannot tell you had anything done, and it is the closest match to your old constructed to mirror the type of hairline you used to have prior to your hairloss journey.

We do offer discounts to Veterans with proof of service and first emergency responders.

Scar Camouflage

Hair Transplants

Hair transplant patients get Scalp Micropigmentation done when they are no longer candidates for the FUT or FUE surgery, or they would like to fix the scars or thinning areas of the crown that the doctor cannot fix without an additional surgery. Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are a cost-effective way to create density on the scalp after a FUE or FUT surgery. Density is achieved by layering the impressions closely together with additional passes. On average a natural hairline is achieved in two to three passes per session. Density treatments require three to four passes per session. As the scalp color intensifies the hair begins to look fuller after each treatment. Hair transplant scars can be treated up to 80% with camouflage techniques. way to get a thicker part line near the crown. 

We do offer discounts to Veterans with proof of service and first emergency responders.


On some occasions novice Scalp Micropigmentation artists mistakenly use the wrong color, wrong choice of needle, or wrong pressure on the scalp which results in migration or blow outs on the scalp. Blow outs are areas of the scalp which retained too much pigment due to pressure. Depending on the severity upon arrival and inspection, we can either correct the botched work by overlaying new impressions or refer you to a laser specialist to remove the ink before coming back for treatment. On average two to three removal sessions are required to make the scalp light enough to work on. Once the skin heals your scalp will be ready to start treatment. is showing, it is standard to cut your hair down to the skin in order to give the most natural blending.

We do offer discounts to Veterans with proof of service and first emergency responders.

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